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December 06, 2007


Marc Geelhoed

I guess I missed the boat when the Grechaninov came out. Have to track that one down now. No number of awards will convince me that the Lang Lang disc of Beethoven concertos isn't a dog, though.

Bruce Hodges

Among some great choices (and haven't heard the Lang Lang ) I'm most pleased to see eighth blackbird get so many nods. I've heard them do Jennifer Higdon's "Zaka" a number of times, and think it's worthy as well (although tough luck that in the same year it comes up against the Lieberson for contemporary composition).

And glad to see Judith Sherman cited for producer, too. But a number of the nominees are new to me, e.g., I wasn't aware of that Grechaninov, either.

Alex Ross

How can they not give it to the Liebersons? Which would make a third consecutive Best Classical Album win for a living American composer....

Michael Pochna

As the producer of the Rozsa Concerto CD, I hope you will give it a spin. It's a work that should be programmed more often, and Anastasia Khitruk does a great job.

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