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July 18, 2007


Henry Holland

Excellent, if not exactly shocking, news.

I had a giggle at this: "...the most exalted conductors of the last 100 years". Unless I'm missing some larger context, that's risible. Masur and Maazel? Exalted? By whom, their publicists and accountants?

Again, good news for those who go to NY Phil concerts but they're still stuck in that ghastly hall, aren't they? (sorry, not up on current NYP concert hall news)

BTW, how is that Siegfried? The reviews I've read of it have been ecstatic, especially about the...wait for it...conducting.

Lisa Hirsch

Regarding "that ghastly hall," I heard a couple of concerts there last year, and was surprised to find that it sounds quite a bit better than Davies Symphony Hall in SF - another Bolt, Beranek, & Newman project.

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