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December 06, 2006



No telling how long this article will be available for free viewing


I don't know if this is officially sanctioned by your sometime employer or not, but if you run a NYT URL through the New York Times Link Generator, you can create a non-expiring link. It takes a few hours after the piece goes up for the permalink generator to work, and Nate's piece is (as of this writing) still too fresh for that, but in a few hours, you should be able to replace your link above with a long-lasting permalink.

Steve Smith

La, la, laaaaaa, I can't heeearr you...


Congrats man! I just re-linked the story sans permalink generator at Paper Thin Walls.


DJA: The New York Times Link Generator is a completely legit operation (and an incredibly useful one at that), so there's no need for Steve to put his hands over his ears. The site is one of Aaron Swartz's projects. Aaron got a lot of attention recently and as far as I read, he's in an enviable position, see Log on, drop out, cash in: These top techies weren't leery about leaving school (SFGate)

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