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June 19, 2006



So is there something in the Cambridge water supply that's creating all these music bloggers?

Marc Geelhoed

I love the way you describe a jazz show as it unfolds. Tho I imagine you must be scribbling away furiously to keep track of it all!

Drew LeDrew

Thanks for the articulate, thorough, and sensitive recap of the OC concert. On some sub-verbal plane I was feeling what you described, though it's always clarifying to have it down in black and white. From someone else. Also, song titles help.

I caught Ornette in between two Vision Fest nights, Wednesday's Sam Rivers celebration and Saturday's mixed bag, and his immensity and creativity were all the more apparent in relief (with the exception of Rivers' trio perf). Grachan Moncur was especially short of ideas, I thought, and really brought home how terminal head-solos-head is as a format for ANY kind of jazz.

What if anything do you know about Sound Grammar?

Steve Smith

All I've heard of Ornette's new Sound Grammar label is tantalizing rumors, Drew. First thing I heard was that the upcoming debut release would be a recording of the Falanga-Cohen-Denardo group, taped live in Germany last year. (That's what Ben Ratliff reported, as well.) Since then, I've also heard that the first release would actually be a recording of the same group's Carnegie Hall performance from two years ago, but that was likely an earlier announcement. I'll make a point of reporting any other news or clarifications that might come my way.

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