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April 14, 2006


Henry Holland

No, I didn't think you were kidding--KISS has always been totally fucking awful in my view, but we all have to start somewhere, eh? For me in 1966/67, when I was 6/7, it was those Faux Fabs, The Monkees. Hearing Cream and Hendrix in 1968 put me on the right path, though. :) I will say though that the Monkees theme, Daydream Believer and Porpoise Song would make any personal Top 100.

So, Mr. 100 Installments, when's your one on King Crimson that you hinted was imminent going to appear? :-)

How is that Jacobs Figaro?

Steve Smith

Hi, Henry. The KC post is still simmering, simmering -- even right this minute as I listen to the July 1, 1996 Shepherd's Bush Empire show I purchased and downloaded from dgmlive.com this afternoon, which is one of the most surprisingly vital performances I've ever heard from the so-called Double Trio phase. These presumably fans-only gap fillers are teaching me more with every encounter.

The Jacobs Figaro was my number one record of the year for 2004, an utterly aware, alive performance that rendered the work anew for me. It also made me go back to Jacobs's Cosi, and now I'm waiting for an advance copy of his new Clemenza, out in Europe in May but not until November here; I want to have it on hand to compare to the new Mackerras just out on DGG. If I remember correctly, Jacobs will be recording Giovanni in late summer or fall.

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