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February 09, 2006


Lisa Hirsch

Would the Taylor performance have worked with less amplification? I think amplifiers are the bane of acoustic music - what could have been great performances of "Brundibar" and "Comedy on the Bridge" at Berkeley Rep in December came close to being ruined by the amplification of both the singers and the 12-piece-or-so band in a 600-seat theater with good acoustics. It's insane.


Notwithstanding the great trio with Parker and Oxley, I've always felt Cecil, like Ran Blake, is at his best when playing solo piano. The first time I saw Cecil live was in '98 at the Montreal Jazz Fest, in trio with Dominic Duvall and Jackson Krall, and while it was obviously a visceral thrill to finally catch Cecil in person (and the balance was much better than the gig you describe), this was clearly not an especially empathetic or supportive trio.

What kills me is that Cecil also had a solo piano gig at the festival that year, but for some reason I couldn't make that one.

Charles M

Just came upon your comments surfing Taylor info on Net!

Have just been to see Taylor at RFH in London this evening.
Final set on stage featured A Braxton with Oxley and Parker.
I found the whole thing rater dull.
I have pretty much everything Taylor has recorded - and he is my God - but tonight!
I have only solo albums by Braxton as I am not a great fan of his group and quartet work. Thought the Open Aspects with Tietelbaum? is great.
Nothing was happenning - then Oxlet stopped playing and things started to happen - Parker has such a big sound! - Braxton just kept stopping and listening and then changing instruments - Anyway - Taylor is 77 and his piano sounded above all of them - I think Braxton was overwhelmed! Anyway 90 min gigs just dont work. The concert is being broadcast on BBC Radio 3 next Friday



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