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February 15, 2006



Sonja Frisell, not Zef. Though it sort of outdoes him.

They should retire this Aida when they ditch Zef's Boheme -- which is to say, never. Though new dance choreography would be nice.


Duly noted, with thanks, JSU. Yes, it was definitely more the impact than the correct details that I was recalling this morning.

Lisa Hirsch

This makes me look forward to Joyce DiDonato's upcoming SFO Octavian!

I'd like to see that Aida production live - I know it only from the VHS/DVD release. There's a place for spectacle in the opera house, and of Verdi's operas, Aida is the one that most benefits from spectacle - the intimate moments, of which there are many, are more intimate for their contrast with the giant crowd scenes, and the contract of public and private life.

Lisa Hirsch

Forgot to say, Andrea Gruber on a BAD night can be very, very bad, but when she's good, she is quite good indeed. She was ON the night I saw her in Forza in November, thank goodness.

Harlan Smith

I am the 78 year old uncle of Sonja Frisell,
living in Toronto, Canada.
I have lost contact with Sonja and would be
extremely grateful to anyone who could either provide me with her E-Mail address or
send her mine.

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