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December 14, 2005


Herb Levy

Hi Steve,

Good to see the blog.

Now that the NYT has made big changes to what they do and don't charge for online, I'm not sure that this will be of use to you, but you may be able to use this page to generate new working links for old NYT Web pages.


See you online.

Henry Holland

Ah, covers.

I went to the Parsifal here in Los Angeles yesterday. Placido Domingo was supposed to be singing the title role. Groans all around when he came on the PA before the performance and, as Director of the company, announced his own cancellation due to a cold :-) I believe it about the cold--the audience sounded like a cough factory throughout the performance.

So, I was curious as to how Gary Lehman, Domingo's replacement, was going to sound. He was very good and sang better German than Mr. Domingo ever has. Turns out he's been a baritone on the regional U.S. opera circuit, singing stuff like Marcello and Onegin in Tucson and so forth. This was his professional debut as a tenor--as Parsifal! (Admittedly the easiest of Wagners tenor parts). He had the low and mid notes in the role, of course, and a pleasing bit of ping up top. A very well sung performance under difficult circumstances, it being a *shudder* Robert Wilson production *SHUDDER* meaning lots of hand movements and moving around like one is on Thorazine. He got a very loud round of "bravos" for his curtain call, so good for him. The rest of the cast was excellent (Matti Salminen as Guernemanz, Linda Watson as Kundry and Albert Dohlmen as Amfortas), the conducting by Kent Nagano was fine, with a fine sense of Wagnerian architecture, though a little too rushed at points and the chorus and orchestral work were terrific. A very, very nice afternoon at the opera, with one of my favorite pieces.


Hey, Steve.

FWIW, I listened to the Met broadcast of the Picker opera over the weekend and was very taken with it--particularly the second act, which contained less declamatory, quasi-recitative stuff. I really loved the the second half, in spite of maybe a bit too free use of Janacek by the composer. I found it very moving.

I was also interested in Picker's decision to place the action in 1906, rather than the 20's--like the novel and the movie. I guess I hadn't realized that the actual case had taken place so many years before....

Anyhow, I'm interested to hear all about your reservations, as well as get a description of the general views (and the persons) representing the two main factions on this issue.

Happy new year!

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