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November 18, 2005


Marc Geelhoed

Dude, you totally beat me to the punch! I was going to mention the Felsenmusick post on Rakowski and Amy's connection, but didn't get there fast enough. Gotta catch up to this New York pace, I guess. Cheers!

David Rakowski

This is tremendously entertaining. It made my day AND blew my mind. Now try casting a wider net and ask Amy and Danny about Rick Moody.

Amy D

Hi guys,
Steve, nice to make your acquaintance and thanks for the shout. What about Rick, Davy? He was here last week for our gig at the Humanities Festival and we all hung afterwards...the circle closes in...but alas, not with Danny. (How you doin', Danny?)
And Marc, your cat is alive and well. Hurry back, 'K? ;)

David Rakowski

Danny was at Amy's NY concert in the Rock Hotel Piano Fest, and Amy's bio and pic for that event is what Marc linked to. Rick Moody was there, too, and Davy introduced them. Meanwhile, Rick and Danny spent a month together at Yaddo not that long after. Amy and Rick just did a gig in Chicago. Rick wrote words for one of Davy's "Sex Songs", suggested about half a dozen of Davy's etudes, and named the tango written for Amy. And Danny wrote the liner notes for Davy's Albany CD. Um, oh yeah, and of the 51 Davytudes that Amy has played, at least a dozen were written for her. Actually, about 51-2/3 if you include #65.


Wow, I am thrilled to be part of this distinguished nexus! And hello Amy.

Rick needs to know...

Rick Moody

Hi everyone. I don't figure I merit inclusion on a blog having to do with serious music. But here I am. I do, in fact, know or have recently met all the people on this thread! Plus, and here's the really weird part, I recently played violin (sic) on a recording featuring Jessica Pavone, who is ALSO listed in the catalogue of CDs at the top of the page here. However, just so it is clear that I am not somehow at the center of the universe, I will observe that I am right now in Tallahassee, FL, and the strip just looks like every other strip. Supposedly Ted Bundy's last spree was in this town.

Alex Ross

You have no idea how small. I was once hot-air ballooning with Danny in the hills outside Bilbao, when we had a gentle crash landing outside a country cottage that turned out to be occupied by Claudio Abbado's niece Aretha. She gave us a delicious lunch and then began reciting from the novels of Rick Moody in an electrifying contralto voice. We turned on the TV, and, in a crazy coincidence, Marc Geelhoed was crossing the finish line at the Daytona 500 at just that moment.

David Rakowski

Aw geez, everybody wants to sit at the cool table.


I believe many of us met at a cool table.

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