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November 16, 2005



Thanks for the link...

How's the Bach?

Steve Smith

It's pretty outstanding, actually. I previously only knew Dinnerstein from an ardent, driven performance of Rochberg's Piano Quintet at Weill earlier this year. Her Goldbergs, played on a modern piano, are clean and elegant, and flexible in a way that's expressive but in no way idiosyncratic.

She has a lovely range of touches and tones, and she's exceptionally well recorded here -- the resonant space around the instrument gives the Aria something of a celestial halo. (That may sound funny, but I think the whole of the performance probably works on some metaphysical level for her, since she made a specific point of recording it during her pregnancy.

I haven't really looked into Angela Hewitt especially, but to give you a ball park figure, Dinnerstein clocks in at 78 minutes, as compared to the 38 minutes of Gould I and the 51 minutes of Gould II. (I'm guessing this probably means she takes every repeat, as opposed to selective repeats, but I don't have a score here and there are no liner notes with this CD-R.)

BTW, Dinnerstein will play the Goldbergs at Weill on November 28, and I'm increasingly thinking that I might need to be there.


I just saw this blog on Simone Dinnerstein and her Goldbergvariations. It is truly an amazing recording and her life performances since than have, despite the superb recording, matured even more (hard to believe hearing her recording). Her recording will now be released by Telarc in combination with a promo-tour through the US and Europe. Her career seems to be really taking off and I would like to keep in touch if you have any further updates on her career.

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