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I'm the Music Editor for Time Out New York, a weekly lifestyle, arts and entertainment magazine in New York City. That capacity includes overseeing the classical music and opera section, which was where I started back in 2001. Now my job includes absolutely everything else -- the whole tuneful kit and caboodle.

(Please do not use the mail link above for Time Out pitches, proposals or other business. The proper address for that is steve.smith [at] timeout [dot] com.)

I also contribute a steady stream of concert reviews and the occasional feature to The New York Times.

In years past, I've been the classical-music industry columnist for Billboard, an assistant editor for Jazziz, and a freelance contributor to a wide variety of newspapers and magazines (the Washington Post, Village Voice, Symphony, Chamber Music, Jazz Times, Down Beat, Decibel, The Wire and Signal to Noise among them).

I used to review new classical CDs for the syndicated radio program Weekend America. For a while, I talked about new rock CDs and concerts every Tuesday morning around 8:30am on Matt Pinfield's morning show on the late, lamented WRXP-FM 101.9.

I spent some earlier years as a publicist for a pretty remarkable bunch of classical and jazz record labels, artists and performance venues, and started off way back when as a radio host for a now-defunct classical radio station in Houston.

I graduated from Clear Creek High School in League City, TX in 1984, and from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX in 1988.

I've played the drums in rock bands and jazz combos, as well as timpani (my specialty) and assorted percussive implements in various school and amateur ensembles. Never, I might add, for the rock band Journey... although I did once receive one of that guy's paychecks for an article I didn't write. (I returned it, of course.)

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